Commercial development

A History of Real Estate Success and Innnovation

Silver Companies has a strong, well-established history as an innovative developer with extensive experience in almost every type of asset class, including large-scale office, commercial, and residential projects. From visionary long-range planning to turn-key customer service, our team has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to efficiently manage projects of all sizes and complexities.

Our diverse development portfolio includes 12 million feet of commercial development and 60,000 residential home sites, ranging from thousands of acres of retail development to free standing units and hotels.

Silver Companies excels at building partnerships with local government to deliver substantial regional transportation improvements in collaboration with its developments. These partnerships allow us to successfully manage the entire process, from land entitlements and zoning to building infrastructure and roads, all the way to the final stage of development.

Through comprehensive research on growth patterns and consumer and industry trends, Silver Companies positions its properties to meet the demands of national tenants and the needs of local communities.